The Patt law firm is a long established law firm located in Tel Aviv.
The law firm is headed by Moshe Patt Esq., who founded it in 1975.
The firm practices in all areas of commercial and civil law, including, banking, bankruptcies, insolvencies, real estate law, and general corporate law.
The firm also provides its clients with legal consulting and representation services in various legal fields including labor law, wills and estates, as well as Notary services.
The firm has a wide range of clients including: banks, insurance companies, and other large economic entities; public and private companies; and municipal and governmental bodies. It also services smaller private and commercial clients.
The firm prides itself on its:
Professionalism - The defined area of expertise of each of the firm's lawyers and the working relations between lawyers, guarantee our clients with professional, up-to-date and efficient service.
Timely and accurate service - The firm's staff is aware that response time is of extreme importance to its clients. Accordingly, the firm's staff strives to produce legal products quickly without compromising quality.

 Personal treatment - The firm provides personal courteous service responsive to its clients' various needs.
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